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Menard Contractors Credit Card Sign Up 2020

Menard Contractors Credit Card

Menard Contractors Credit Card 2020 is issued by Capital One Bank. The credit card is for constant shoppers at Menard’s and it offers the customers 2.0% rebate on every expenses made at Menard’s.

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Menard’s credit card holders will get a whooping sum of $299 on purchases. You will also earn 1.0% rebate for every purchases at a participating gas station.

Menard Credit Card Requirement

For you to qualify for the Menards Contractors Credit Card you must

  • Be 18 years old and above
  • Be a resident of the US

Below are the benefits a customer gets for using the Menard Contractors Credit Card

Benefits of Menard Contractors Credit Card?

  • No annual fee charged
  • You gain unlimited access to the sales events of Menards Cards.
  • 0% back a speedway like; Kwik Trip, Kwik Star gas stations and Holiday.
  • For expenses from $299 to $1,499, you earn a 0% APR financing
  • You earn reduction of APR purchases of $1,500 or more.
  • For expenses at Menards, you earn a 2.0% rebate
  • For expenses at other participating gas stations, you earn 1.0% rebate.

How To Apply?

To apply for the Menards Contractors Credit Card,

  • Visit the webpage of Menard Contractors Credit Card at Menards.com
  • Select the “Apply Online Now” button on the webpage.
  • Fill-in your Full name
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Email address
  • Your current residential address
  • Your Primary phone number
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your total annual income
  • Your monthly home payment
  • Ensure you read through the Terms and Conditions carefully
  • Click on “Submit Application” button.

[alert-warning]NB: A confirmation email about Menard Contractors Credit Card will be sent to you once your credit card has been approved.[/alert-warning]

How To Activate Menard Contractor Card?

In order to get your credit card activated, you can either call this activation service number on: 1-800-871-2800

Or you visits the Menard Credit Card webpage  https://www.hrsaccount.com/menards. And fill in the following information

  • Your First name and Last name
  • A working mail address
  • Your City, State and Zip Code
  • Your Job title
  • Your contact phone number and email address
  • Your Account number and Card holder’s name
  • Your Date of Birth and your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • You will create a Username and Password
  • Choose if you would prefer Mail and Electronic Statement or just the U.S Electronic Statement.
  • Choose your preferred email alerts option.
  • Provide your Mobile phone detail
  • Select the “Continue” button.

[alert-warning]NB: you need to agree to the Terms and conditions, confirm your security and contact detail in order to complete this activation process.[/alert-warning]

How To Login?

  • Provide your Username and Password in the space provided
  • Select the “Login” button.

Customer Service Details?

For further enquiries and details, contact the Menard Contractors Credit Card on: 1-800-871-2800 or visit the Credit Card webpage  https://www.hrsaccount.com/menards

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