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Dodge Credit Card 2020 Application | Payments

dodge credit card
Dodge Credit Card is issued by First Bank as an auto mobile credit card. The Dodge card comes with great rewards.

Dodge Credit Card

Just like the Chrysler MasterCard and Jeep card,  the Dodge Card is designed and issued by First bank card. dodge credit card As an auto mobile franchise that is in the business of manufacturing cars used in sports and other performing activities, for sure Dodge products are not domesticated products, Dodge is a subsidiary of Chrysler. More Credit Cards December 2020

Dodge Credit Card Details

The Dodge Card has the following features that making using it more interesting;
  • There is an email alert system that gives the accounts holders an up to date information on transactions
  • The online banking feature that is available 24/7 for all the card holders, all you need to do is enroll
  • The paperless statement feature
  • Online payment feature using your credit card
  • Self account activation feature, where you are not required to call or access any customer service, activate your credit card using the online platform
  • Get latest information on your FICO score without having to pay
  • Have a protected online transaction via the paperless option

Dodge Online Banking Includes 

  • Online payments (easy navigation and use)
  • Free and easy access to paperless statement
  • Sleek auto payment scheduling
  • Access other account information using Dodge official apps such as QuickBooks, Quicken and Microsoft Money.

Dodge Credit Card Rates And Fees 

The terms and conditions for this credit card is available on First Bank Card website. The most current rates can be seen on the official portal. These includes percentage on purchase,  rates, annual subscription for card holders, cash transaction, foreign transaction as well as charges and fees.

Types of Enrollment 

Here are the two types of enrollment, select the one you prefer;
  • Personal enrolment
  • Business or commercial enrolment

How To Apply For Dodge Credit Card Online

  • Step 1 – Go to Dodge DrivePlusSM MasterCard application page
  • Step 2 – Enter your First name, MI and last name in the first empty boxes
  • Step 3 – Enter Your Physical address (APT)
  • Step 4 – State, City and zip code
  • Step 5 – A valid Phone number and an email address that you can be reached with
  • Step 6 – Date Of Birth, Social security number, mother’s maiden name
  • Step 7 – Enter Housing Information and financial information
  • Step 8 – Select your preferred credit card design 

How To Login 

  • Visit the Dodge login page
  • Navigate to the login section
  • Enter your User ID
  • Tick remember me box
  • Click on the Login link

Need Technical Support? 

Call 1-888-295-5540 for more assistance.

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